a true, unexaggerated story

After our nightly prayers, our family has now gotten into the routine of creating our own prayers.  We do a simple format that the girls can follow: We choose something to say “thank you” for, or we ask for something.  Both girls, but especially Jujubee, have caught onto how this works.

Tonight I put Jujubee to bed a little earlier on her own, so it was just the two of us.  I laid myself down next to her on her bed to say prayers.  After saying and singing our usual prayers, Jujubee piped right up without my prompting and said, “I’m going to pray tonight that Momma has a baby in her belly.”  After she said her prayer, I took my turn; I thanked God for Jujubee and asked him to help me be a good mother to her.

After Jujubee and I said Amen, J said to me, “That was a good prayer.”

After a pause, I said, “I have no baby in my belly.”

Without missing a beat, Jujubee leaned over on one elbow, looked at me and said, “But you have me.”

I started to tear up a bit and replied, “Yes, I have you.”

Jujubee leaned down and hugged me and said, “I like you.”

That prompted my tears to actually fall as I responded, “I like you, too.”

Jujubee noticed my tears and hopped off of the bed, saying, “I’ll get you a kleenex.”  She got the box of kleenex and brought it to me.  I took a tissue and wiped my eyes.

Jujubee looked at me and said, “Next time you’ll have a baby in your belly.”

All I could say was, “I hope so.”

Jujubee watched me for a moment and then said, “But you have me!”

I said, “I’m so thankful for you, baby,” and gave her a big hug.

After a few moments more, I got up off the bed and told her, “I’ll be right back to say good night one more time.  I have to run downstairs for a bit.”  I went downstairs to get Lyd’s clean pajamas out of the dryer.  I stayed down for a few minutes, telling my husband what our daughter had just told me, and I cried a bit again.

When I got back upstairs, Jujubee was already asleep.

I kissed her forehead, whispered, “I love you,” stroked her soft hand, and closed the door.