what they like about her

Recently, Lyd’s teacher told me that her class of students was having a bad week.  They were picking on each other and generall not being kind.

So, to deal with this problem, Lyd’s teacher had each child write down at least three things that they liked about each of their fellow classmates.  Then, Lyd’s teacher combined those into personalized lists for each child, lists created by their classmates of what they liked about each person.

Here is the list of things kids wrote down that they liked about Lyd:

  • You’re one of my best friends
  • You’re good at gymnastics
  • I like t he way you dress and do your hair
  • You’re a nice drawer
  • You are good at running
  • I like your headbands
  • I like your polka dot rain boots
  • You are funny
  • I will be sad when you move to a new house
  • You’re nice, funny, great, and a good friend
  • You are kind, smart and fun to be around
  • You are special
  • You are a good friend
  • I like you a lot
  • I like your hair
  • I’m glad you are in my grade
  • You let me try everything on
  • We  have fun when we play together
  • I like reading books with you
  • I love you
  • I like your boots
  • I like how you color

Lyd was delighted to show me this list when she got home, and she was genuinely touched by some of the nice things said about her.  She was quite struck by the comments about her boots, because she doesn’t particularly like her boots (pink with polka dots?  Who doesn’t like that?)  She was also touched by comments from friends about how they will miss her when she moves this summer.

This list is going into Lyd’s memory box.  🙂


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  1. That is a cool list. I did the same thing when I was teaching (regardless of the class dynamics) and they were very special for all of the children. Pink polka dot boots sound great to me – but I don’t think our three sons would agree! 🙂

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