pneumonia again???

It seems that Jujubee has come down with pneumonia — again.  This makes three bouts of pneumonia in six weeks.  NOT GOOD.

Now, I don’t have a definitive diagnosis.  But it’s following the exact same pattern as the other two times have, so if it waddles like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck.  Or in Jujubee’s case, it’s pneumonia.

I’m feeling oh-so frustrated, because I don’t know what else to do!  I just emailed my naturopath in dismay, asking him what other options there are.  My homeopath and I are going to talk this morning, and while I know that homeopathy definitely has an effect on Jujubee, so far we haven’t found the right remedy.  While I believe in homeopathy, neither can I spend much more time waiting around to find the right remedy.  I need an answer.  I need a way to keep my little girl healthy and off of antibiotics.

Since her previous diagnosis of pneumonia, I took my homeopath’s advice (and KT’s advice) and finally had Jujubee begin drinking only raw milk.  Lyd and I started drinking it, too.  Lyd still gets regular milk at school, but at suppertime or sometimes at breakfast, she gets the raw milk.  (Jujubee loves to enthusiastically say, “I love to drink raw milk!”  It’s very cute.)  Raw milk is uber-expensive here in California, but at least I can get it at my local high-end grocery store, as compared to Wisconsin where it’s a crime.  That’s a blessing.  So far, I’ve noticed changes in all of our … well, digestive patterns, but not too much else.  Although I think I feel a little better.  We’ll see if it continues.

But beyond that, what else can I do to keep every cold that Jujubee catches from turning into pneumonia?  She came down with a cold Monday morning, probably catching it from one of the neighbor kids that she was playing with.  Monday she seemed merely like she had a cold.  But on Tuesday she gradually got worse the whole day long, coughing more and more, spiking a fever in the afternoon, becoming cranky and clingy and whiny — and looking just miserable.

Thankfully, I had a bit of her antibiotics left over from last time (she finished the prescription, but the pediatrician told me there would be some left over), so I started her on those last night.  This morning I’ll see how she’s doing; perhaps I can just email the doctor and she can send any needed prescriptions off to the local pharmacy without having to have an office visit.

A friend from church said on my Facebook status that perhaps moving to the drier climate of Sacramento will be helpful for Jujubee’s lungs.  I dearly hope so.  I’m running out of ideas.


By the way, JJ and I put in an offer on a house.  We’re hoping that something better still pops up on the market, but this one is the best of our options so far.  It’s a short sale, so now we wait for the lender to sign off on the sale.  It could be a quick process, or it could take a looong time.  We’ll see what happens.