so tired

So, yeah, Jujubee had pneumonia again, I tried to treat it with leftover meds at home but I didn’t treat it aggressively enough so she didn’t improve as quickly as usual, which meant many more nights of waking up with a coughing child and finally getting chastized by the pediatrician that I managed to get an appointment with on Friday (not Jujubee’s regular pediatrician) for treating her myself.  Friday was a rough day.

We also made a whirlwind trip to our new city on Saturday afternoon, met people at our new church, looked at six houses, one of which I got to “break” into (very fun!), still haven’t found our ideal house, but now have an offer in on a very nice house that is our back-up house.  However, we’ve got all of our ducks in a row and are ready to buy our ideal house if/when it comes on the market.  The back-up house is lovely and quality and has the right amount of interesting-ness (aka. quirkiness), but it has a small kitchen and a small backyard.

Did I mention I’ve been up a lot at night with a coughing child this week?  I haven’t slept well or much.  I am so tired.  I also drove all the way to Sacramento and back – thank God for AM who came along and helped me stay awake while my husband sat in the back seat of the minivan typing the next day’s sermon on his laptop.

It is by the grace of God and fantastic chinese herbs that I’m not sick right now.  My acupunturist has me on herbs that help my body deal with stress, and God bless that man.  And those herbs.  I’ve had to take an Echinacea capsule a few times when I thought something was starting, but nothing has happened.  Unbelievable.  Best of all, I am only a teensy-bit anxious once in a great while — considering everything that’s going on, that is utterly amazing.  Thank you, God.

Also in the “thank you, God” department, Jujubee is finally improving.  She didn’t wake up coughing once last night, so we all got a better night’s sleep.

And, JJ and I made it through our busy weekend.  It was a big one!  Two more big weekends to go, and then we really shift into “getting-ready-to-move” mode.

But still.  I’m SO tired right now.  I haven’t been for a walk in weeks.  Here’s hoping for a better week.