pediatric acupuncture

Today I took Jujubee to her first “acupuncture” appointment.  She has been having problems with crud in her lungs for weeks now, although really it has been going on ever since she was born.  I decided to give chinese medicine a try for her.

Jujubee was very excited to go, but she was even more excited to get her own bottle of herbs!  I take chinese herbs twice daily, and she sometimes watches me as I take them.  She is very enthusiastic to watch me, and she likes to tell me what each step in the process is.  So, when I told her that she was going to get her own bottle of herbs, she was SO excited!

We arrived, and after a short wait, “Dr. E” (he isn’t really a doctor, but I had Jujubee call him that) came in.  We discussed J’s medical history for a while, and then he looked at her tongue and felt her pulses.

When he started the actual treatment part, he didn’t use needles; instead, he used a small pointed tool that he said was part of a Japanese-style treatment.  It wasn’t sharp, but it did have a point on it, along with a straight edge for scraping.  He used the scraping edge on J, gently scraping points on her back and legs, not to draw blood, but definitely to bring blood to those points (sort of like what happens when you scratch yourself – your skin gets red).  The points got nice and red, which is what he wanted.  J was a little annoyed by it, but she held still and was a very good patient.

At the end, we put her shirt back on and went into the main front area to get her herbs.  She was SO excited!  She was thrilled when he wrote her name on the bottle.

After leaving, we made a quick stop at the grocery store.  Jujubee asked me if she could take her herbs into the store with us (she had been holding onto them carefully the whole car ride home).  I told her that the herbs had to stay in the car so she wouldn’t lose them, and she was okay with that.  But when we got back to the car after finishing our shopping, she was delighted to see her herbs again!

When we came home, the moment of truth arrived; she had to actually take her herbs.  I put the required amount into a shotglass, added water, and then mixed it together with the end of a spoon.  When Jujubee had her first taste — well, it was a disappointment.  She made a face!  Oh, did she make a face!  And it was a bit of an ordeal to get her to finish the herbs.  But, finish them she did, with a small chaser of apple juice to help it go down.

Later on in the afternoon, when she had to take her second dose of herbs, the process went much faster.  It only took about a quarter of the time, and she didn’t need the apple juice chaser (which is good, because herbs work best on an empty stomach.)

Afterwards, she was still excited to tell people about her herbs, but when asked if they tasted yummy or yucky, she said, “Yucky!”  But she still seemed proud to have her own herbs.

In fact, tonight at bedtime prayers, as we each said one thing that we were thankful for or asked for, she said that she was thankful for her “kid herbs.”  Yucky or not, she’s still excited to have them.

Now, if they just do the trick and clear the crud out of her lungs, we will all be even happier!  Her coughing did seem to be a lot less today as well as a lot more productive when it did occur.  Hopefully she is finally – finally! – on the road to total recovery.


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  1. I’m a huge believer in much of what Chinese medicine has to offer and acupuncture can be such a great way to help our bodies heal themselves. Good for Jujubee, I hope it all works. 🙂

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