the beginning of the “lasts”

Moving day is still about two months away, but the “lasts” are already beginning.  I have a tendency to be a bit over-dramatic, so perhaps this post is a bit over the top, but so it goes.  😉

Today was the start of Jujubee’s last “My First Art Class” session.  She has been doing this class for almost two years with the same teacher that Lyd had when she did this class, and Lyd also did it for almost two years.  It’s hard to believe I won’t be seeing Teacher I. again after June.

Last week I started my last teaching session for the Music Together franchise for which I work.  I’ve privately told a few of my families that we’re moving in June, but I haven’t publicly announced it yet.  I’m not sure when would be best to do it, but right now my plan is to announce it at about halfway through the ten-week session.

In a few weeks, Jujubee will be finished with her last gymnastics class.  Both my girls went to the same gym, and the same teachers are still there.

Hopefully, we had our last visit with Jujubee’s pediatrician this week.  I’m not holding my breath on that one with the way things have been going lately, but maybe it was the last time.  I certainly hope so!

I went to Safeway today and stocked up just a bit on some pantry staples I was running low on.  I suspect this will be the last time I do that before we move.

This coming week is Holy Week, and it will obviously be our last one here, too.

I volunteered to host the last Women’s Group meeting from our church at our home during the first week of May.  I hosted the very first meeting of that group back in fall, and I thought it was appropriate to host it for my last meeting as a member of this church.

It’s funny, because life here isn’t really wrapping up yet, but all of these small steps along the way are leading to the time when we will be wrapping up our lives here.  I know that life at the new church will be good, but it feels strange to think about actually leaving here.

I guess all of these “lasts” that I’m experiencing here are making way for “firsts” at the new place.  Despite the sadness of saying goodbye here, it’s neat to have all of those “firsts” and new experiences to look forward to.