getting mentally ready to move

Jujubee is finally feeling better and sleeping better after being so sick.  Yay!  That’s a blessing.  She still is not thrilled with taking her herbs, but they seem to be helping.  I’m SO glad!

Now that I’ve been getting more solid, deep stretches of sleep at night (and have been dreaming like crazy!), I’m starting to rediscover some of my energy and motivation.  This is good, as my house was looking like a disaster area.  Earlier this week I managed to the entire downstairs vacuumed, swept, and/or mopped.  It looks SO much better than it did before.  The final impetus was Jujubee spilling her (raw! expensive! :() milk on the floor at suppertime.  After the dishes were done and the kids in bed, the floors got mopped, with the kitchen floors getting a double mopping.

It’s been almost a month since my husband announced that he was taking his call.  I haven’t done a single “official” thing to prepare to move — except for house hunting (and a bit of job hunting for me).  However, in this past month I have started to visualize in my mind how this move will actually be.  At first, I really couldn’t see how this move was going to happen.  But now that I’ve had a little time to wrap my mind around this reality, it’s making more sense to me as far as how I can best make it happen.

I think it will help me mentally when we actually know for sure where exactly we will be living.  Right now, we have an offer in on a house, but it’s a short sale, so we’re currently in the initial waiting period of indefinite length while we wait for the mortgage holder on the property to sign off on the loan.  Apparently, it’s an uncomplicated short sale and should only take 30-45 days to be able to move to escrow.  However, if we find something better, we can easily back out of the deal.  There is a lot I like about the house, and I would probably be reasonably happy there, but there are things I don’t like, too (small kitchen, small lot) so I’m still hoping that something better comes along.  For now, all we can do is wait.  We’re financially prepared (with realtors and mortgage lenders and our new church) to buy the Perfect House; it just has to come onto the market.

I’m a little nervous about this house business.  What if we buy a house that we doesn’t have what we want now, and then in 3/6/12 months, the right house comes on the market, and if we’d only waited, we would have gotten it?  But I’m trying to take comfort in the fact that just as JJ’s call came at just the right time, the right house for us will appear at the right time, too.  Still, I’ll feel even better once that decision is made.

Finally, I’m trying to keep in mind that this is an exciting, adventurous chapter in my life!  For my girls, this new church is the one they will most likely remember as the church that they grew up at.  If we’re there for ten years, like we were here at our current church, Lyd will be almost ready to graduate from high school when we leave!  Hard to believe.

It IS exciting.  I will be glad to start our new life there.  This “living in limbo” business is difficult.  But the moving part is going to be the most challenging, and I will be REALLY glad to have this behind me!