square footage vs. furniture

Buying a house is not fun, especially when one is feeling the pressure of time constraints.  We haven’t found the “good enough” house yet, meaning we haven’t found the house that meets all of our necessary criteria.  JJ and I have made lists of what we’d like to have in our new house and what we NEED to have in our new home.  Trying to achieve all of the needs – or at least find a good balance of things – is not easy.

One thing we know for certain is that the new house will be smaller than our current house.  Just how much smaller is still unknown, and one of our issues has been that of “How much smaller would we actually be able to go?”  Because we have a lot of stuff.  It’s not all bad stuff, but it’s still stuff and it takes up space.

For instance, we have a baby grand piano.  We have a number of bookshelves that are filled with good books.  We have a sofa, loveseat, recliner, glider rocker, coffee table, two end tables, ottoman, and sofa table in the living room; all of these things we bought new (or new to us) ourselves, and most of them are from Ethan Allan.  We also have another old round end table with two slightly worn maroon chairs which we bought at a rummage sale when we moved here.  That’s just our living room furniture!  I would like to take all of that with us when we move, but that means we need a house with a big living room!

Our family room furniture is more beat up and worn.  I have an old red swivel chair that I bought for $25 at a garage sale in fall of 1998 for my college apartment.  My girls love that chair, and it’s still in decent shape and is comfortable.  We also have a sleeper sofa that we’d like to hang onto, plus it serves as a useful indoor trampoline when my girls need to burn off some steam.  And we have an old love seat that has been my husband’s for years.  Do we just ditch these things, too?

And bedroom furniture!  JJ and I spent money our first year out here to buy our bedroom set, consisting of a queen bed, two nightstands, dressers for each of us, and a hope chest.  It’s all a set; we’re not going to ditch any of the pieces.

At least the dining room table, chairs and sideboards were here when we arrived, and we’re going to leave them here when we move.

But, we have a lot of furniture, and trying to see how it will all work in a new house is difficult.  Our new house is going to be smaller, no doubt about it, but how much smaller do we really want to go?  We want to be comfortable in our new house, and we also want to be able to entertain in our house.  We like to host parties and have people over, and having this amount of furniture makes that possible.

Next week we’re going to go look at houses again.  My realtor and I are putting together a list of homes we’d like to see.  Unfortunately (and frustratingly!), the houses with the largest square footage are all short sales!  Grr!  It’s frustrating.

Well, every night I pray that the Lord would help us to find the right house.  I’m not asking for a perfect house, just the house that’s right for us.  I still have confidence that eventually we will end up in the place that is right for us.

I’ll sure be glad when we finally get there!