divided attention

I haven’t been feeling very Lenten-y these past forty days.  Lent has been so late, plus the knowledge that we’re moving has often overshadowed my attempts to re-focus on the meaning and significance of Jesus’ suffering and death on the cross for me.  It’s good to follow a church year and have these annual times to ponder various important aspects of Christianity; besides the obvious benefits of focusing on the core tenets of Christian faith, it’s comforting to know that if you missed it this year, you’ll have an opportunity again next year.

This morning’s Easter celebration made for a very busy morning, as Easter morning always does.  It is probably the one time a year when I know I will have a cup of coffee with breakfast (albeit half a cup), because I always need the caffeine to help me through the morning.  As usual, I was up late the night before preparing my egg bake for the Easter breakfast at church, and I was also the organist for church this morning, which meant some late-night and early-morning organ practicing.  Good thing we live next door to church!

My wise husband suggested that we go out for Easter brunch after church, which we’ve also done in years past when both of us were “on deck” for Easter Sunday morning.  This year I made reservations for us at the Moss Beach Distillery, just a few miles north of Half Moon Bay.  It’s a restaurant located literally right on the ocean; the views are million-dollar.  After a misty/rainy morning, the sun broke up the clouds and it ended up being a beautiful afternoon, even there by the ocean.  We got a great table back in one of the few quiet corners of the restaurant, right next to the fabulous ocean view.  During our entire meal, a large ocean liner was moving north along the horizon, probably heading up to the Golden Gate bridge and the Port of Oakland; it was pretty neat to watch.  The food was excellent, the ocean view was amazing, and the wind wasn’t too cold.  And the traffic to and from the ocean was not a problem, so it was a wonderful Easter luncheon.

Now, Lent is over, Easter Sunday is over, and the final push for our move can begin.  There is no school this week, so we’re heading up to go house-hunting again one day.  The other days we’re hoping to start organizing and de-cluttering in earnest, as well as fit in some trips to the dentist for all of us.  My husband is planning to begin to box up some of his professional library of books and take them with us on our house-hunting trips to the Sacramento area.  His new office is vacant and waiting for him, and his books are one thing that could be moved now.

And, hopefully, HOPEFULLY this week we can make a final decision on a house.  Perhaps not, but there’s a reasonable chance we might be able to do that.  It would be nice to get that decision squared away before May, because…

Once May starts, my teaching load more than doubles.  I committed to some extra teaching for my boss before my husband got his call, and I am keeping my committment.  It’s a good thing for us money-wise, as it gives me a chance to front-load some of the income that I will be losing by moving.  However, these extra classes sure do come at a most inconvenient time!  The good news is that I don’t have to do any extra preparation for these classes; I can just teach the same lessons that I’m already teaching in my own classes.

My extra teaching finishes up on the last day of the school year.  My parents will be out here during that time, and hopefully we’ll have our new house all squared away and will be able to do a little painting (Remember this plan?  It’s finally time to finally do it) before Moving Day.  Then, at some point after mid-June, we will move!  Ack!  That’s less than two months away!!!

It will all work out.  Somehow.  JJ and I will feel a lot better once we’ve got our house squared away.  And now that the busy-ness of Lent and Holy Week are behind us, we can focus our energies on these other matters.

But regardless of how much I was or was not able to focus on Lent and Easter this year, it’s always a comfort to know that because of Jesus’ substitutionary death on the cross, our houses here on earth are only temporary.  Heaven is our eternal home, and it will be the most perfect home I could possibly imagine!  (And I can imagine some pretty perfect houses these days! :))