how we found our house – part 2

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The ND’s realtor had told our realtor that he thought we might have an answer on our offer by noon the next day.  Noon came and went, and no response came.

The girls had dentist appointments in the afternoon, so we went to those appointments (and the girls both had no cavities!  Hallelujah!)  I had a few errands to run on the way home, and just as I was pulling away from our last stop, my cell phone rang.  I quickly pulled over to the curb (it’s illegal to talk on a cell phone while driving in California), fished the phone out of my purse, took it out of its case, but by that time, it had gone to voicemail.  I saw that the call was from our realtor, but I decided to just drive home and call her back there where JJ could be a part of the conversation, too.

I got home, and there were also messages flashing on our answering machine.  (JJ was working in his office and hadn’t heard the phone.)  I listened to the two messages from our realtor.  The first one said, “Congratulations!  You just bought a house!”  The second one said, “The short sale on the YW house just came through today.  I need to know if you want to cancel that contract or not.”

We called our realtor, and she explained.  Our offer on the ND house had been accepted as it was; no counter-offer was made.  Also, she had gotten a call from the YW’s realtor, saying that our short sale was approved and we could proceed with buying the house.

Wouldn’t you know it?  We had the chance to buy both of our top two houses on the SAME DAY!!!  How ironic!

So, JJ and I had to decide … and quickly.  Which house did we want?  I had decided a few weeks ago that I no longer wanted the YW house because the kitchen was too small and the backyard was too small.  But we hadn’t pulled our offer, because we had no idea how long the short sale process would take, and if we didn’t find anything else, maybe we would decide to take that house after all.  Plus, if we let the short sale process complete, then the sellers of the YW house could find another buyer without having to go through the short sale process again, if the short sale was able to be approved before we found another property.  Then, even though we wouldn’t buy the house, we would still have helped the sellers out.

But now!  Now the house was ours if we wanted it!  And the ND house was ours, too, if we wanted it!  We had to choose.

In looking for a different email, I found an email that I wrote about a month ago to our realtor, telling her that the ND house was at the top of my list, and the YW house was the top of JJ’s list, although both of us put both houses as our top two houses.  Would my husband want to choose the YW house now that we could?

Our realtor said we had to choose in one hour, because she had to let the realtor of the house we declined know what that we had passed on that house.

By this time, it was suppertime.  A friend of ours called, saying he was going to stop by church to do something.  I immediately invited him for supper.  It was helpful for me (and I think for JJ, too) to have someone else to bounce our ideas off of.

We had to decide.  JJ knew which house he wanted right from the start; he didn’t really agonize over the decision.  But, I agonize over all big decisions, and this was definitely a big decision, so I definitely agonized!!

After supper, and after JJ taught a short Bible class at church, and after our friend finished the job he had wanted to do on the church property, the five of us drove down to our local Baskin Robbins for 31 cent scoop night.  We ate ice cream (on a cold, windy night!), talked about this decision, and made a decision.

We came home, signed the paperwork, scanned and emailed the paperwork to our realtor, and the decision was official.

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