a good Mother’s Day

Oh yeah, hi!  I hardly posted at all last week!  Oye veh!  But, I’m still here.

Last week was busy, but it went just fine.  I normally teach four classes a week; last week I taught twelve.  TWELVE!  My voice was tired; I think my speaking voice dropped about two whole steps.  I am better now.  🙂

I bought furniture off of Craigslist over the weekend.  My friend with a truck also had access to a trailer, and he gamely carted me (and the girls!) down to the South Bay and then over to the East Bay on Saturday afternoon – for free!  And then he helped lift the heavy pieces and load them onto the trailer.  What a friend.  You know who your real friends are when it comes time to move.

I thanked him for helping us out by making him a meal.  By making him steak.  Marinated steak.  On the grill.  Our local grocery store makes THE BEST marinated steaks EVER.  And their marinated steaks cost the same as unmarinated (regular) steaks – score!  I chose two kinds: wine burgandy and sweet bourbon.  I prefer the wine burgancy; Lyd preferred the sweet bourbon marinade. 😉  The meat was tri-tip, which is a California cut that we’ve grown to love.  So tender!  Almost melt-in-your-mouth!  So good!  We grilled for lunch yesterday (Sunday), and along with the steaks I served twice-baked potatoes with sour cream, chives, cheddar cheese, and butter.  Oh. my. yum!  And I made scalloped corn.  It wasn’t fancy, but it was almost gone by the end of the meal.  And, I decided it was Time to bring out my first spinach-strawberry salad of 2011 – you know spring is here when I make that recipe again.

But the best (well, at least it was as good as the steak) was a homemade cherry pie that I also put together yesterday afternoon.  I have a huge weakness for cherry pies.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.  I’ve learned that not everyone does.  It’s a divisive kind of pie: either you love it or you don’t really care for it.  But, despite all the cooking (and cleaning up) that I did on Mother’s Day, I got my cherry pie!  YUM!  I only have one batch of pie cherries left in my freezer, and I plan to move them to Sacramento with me.  I will save them for an appropriate occasion.

It was the biggest meal I’d made in a while.  When we were done, my stomach was fuller than it was last Thanksgiving!  But everything was so good!

In the evening, my friend AM and I took off to see the new Jane Eyre movie.  At a mere two hours, there’s no way it could match up to the new BBC version with Toby Stephens, which AM and I love.  But, we went to it determined to do our best to enjoy it on its own terms.  Well, there were good scenes and there were lousy scenes, but in the end, we could not recommend it because of the ending.  The ending was not only far from the book, it was too short and TOO WEIRD!  Mr. Rochester showed up in the last scene of the movie looking like either a Civil War veteran returning home after four years of fighting – or a late 1960’s hippie: He had long, shaggy hair, an equally long, shaggy beard, yet there were no scars to his face and both of his arms/hands were unharmed.  Seriously, how hard would it have been to CGI in a maimed limb?  But AM and I had a marvelous time and we laughed and laughed.  Afterward we went to a creperie in downtown Palo Alto, had a simple Marguerite pizza with a fancy cocktail, and talked until the resturant closed.  It was a good night.

It was good to have a day off from the stress of moving.  It was fun to just cook up a storm in our kitchen, to entertain around the big dining room table, and then to enjoy a movie with my adopted sister.  I’m really going to miss her when we move.  😦