gifts of love

My daughters both gave me love-filled Mother’s Day gifts that they made in school.  (Yes, Jujubee now goes to Kindergarten two mornings a week.  I’ll explain that in another post.)

Lyd’s teacher had her students copy down a lovely Mother’s Day poem, and while Lyd copied most of the words correctly, it was cute to see the few words that she misspelled.  But her handwriting has improved SO much over this past school year!  And she LOVES to read.  Just like her mother.  🙂

Lyd’s teacher also had the students create three oragami-style flowers, which were lovely.  Her teacher suggested that the students spray perfume on the flowers to make the flowers smell like real flowers, and I knew something was up when I came home that afternoon and Lyd reeked of perfume.  🙂  Obviously, being a mother of a child who has a hard time keeping a secret, I knew something was up anyway, but that perfume was hard to miss.  With her dad’s help, she found a box, put her flowers in the box, and gave it to me along with the poem on Mother’s Day morning.  She was so proud of what she had done!  It was so precious.

Jujubee’s teacher had, among other things, had the kids write down characteristics of their Mom.  Here is hers, with her answers in bold:

All About My Mom
Her name is Emily.
I call her Mommy.
She is 44 years old.  🙂
She is a little bit tall.
She works at the garden.
Her favorite foods are zucchini and broccoli. (???)
Her favorite color is blue(true, and favorite colors are a big thing in our house right now!)
I like it when she plays toys with me.
I don’t like it when she colors with me.
My favorite activity to do with my mom is sweeping up the outside.

Obviously, she’s three and a half, but for some her her answers, strange as they were, I was surprised she even remembered them!  I haven’t worked in my garden in months, and when I do go in I never go with Jujubee.  The last time I swept up outside, we did work together, but again, that was at least two months ago.  And I think she misunderstood the second-to-last item, because she LOVES it when I color with her.  Anyway, it was cute.

But the SUPER cute part of Jujubee’s Mother’s Day gift for me was how she gave it to me … and gave it to me … and gave it to me, over and over.  She was incredibly proud of what she had made, which included a handprint and a drawing, and she showed it to me many times, saying, “Momma, look what I made for you!”  I must have been given her gift over ten times during the past weekend.  It was really darling.

I’m glad my girls love me, I’m glad they want hugs and kisses and snuggles from me, and I’m so proud of how they both are growing up so beautifully!  I am a blessed mother.


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  1. Em, I’m glad you had such a good Mother’s Day! You are a good mom because you realize your blessings and really appreciate them. God is good!

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