managing stress

We’re moving.  In about five weeks.  I haven’t started packing.  ACK!

Alright.  I may not have started packing, but I have been doing a lot of Other Things, necessary things.  That’s pretty much how I operate at vacation time, too.  I do all of the other necessary stuff first, and then I pack last.  I think that’s kind of how I’m operating now, too.

But, I sure have been thinking about moving a lot.  And just thinking about it is stressful.  And doing all of the Other Things is a bit stressful, too.

I have not been exercising at all.  Zilch.  Zero.  Nada.

However, blessedly, I am not having too much trouble with my anxiety.  (Thank you, God!)  There are two things to which I attribute this.

First of all, my homeopathic remedy really, really, amazingly works.  I unwittingly antidoted it a few weeks ago, and three days later, I had a fairly strong anxiety attack.  I couldn’t figure out what was going on, until I realized that I must have antidoted it.  I took a dose (one dose, tastes like sugar pellets, and that’s all I need), and haven’t had any problems since.  That carcionsin stuff works for me.  I am SO thankful for that.

Secondly, while I’m not seeing my acupuncturist regularly anymore, I still take herbs that he has prescribed.  I generally have low Kidney energies, and so he has me on herbs for that.  Furthermore, I take herbs to help me deal with the physical effects of stress.  As anyone who has ever dealt with any kind of stress knows, stress is physically tiring.  It wears you down.  These herbs that I take work to counter-balance the physical effects of stress, meaning that they help replenish the energy I’m losing due to stress.  They’re not “uppers,” and I don’t feel “high” when I take them.  In fact, I don’t notice anything about them except — I feel like myself.  I’m not struggling with fatigue and I’m not prone to getting sick.  (How many times have you or someone you know been under a lot of stress that resulted in getting more sick than usual?  Knock on wood, but I haven’t been sick once this winter.  That is highly unusual for me.)  These stress herbs have been an absolute god-send for me.  I can also change the amount that I take at any time.  I take it twice a day in powder form, and I can give myself as much as I feel I need.  A maximum dose is 3 scoops, and I usually do 1 or 2 scoops.  But, it helps SO much.

The herbs and homeopathy greatly help.  However, there’s no substitute for exercise.  Because I’m not exercising, I have noticed more aches and pains and “creaks” in my body.  My right knee often feels misaligned; my chiropractor puts it back into place when I see him, but it doesn’t like to stay in.  My lower back is often out of whack, too, sometimes painfully so.  I have a strong feeling that regular exercise would help with both of those things.

So, earlier this week I treated myself to a massage at my chiropractor’s office.  He has a wonderful masseuse there; I’ve had two short massages from her before, and they’ve been great.  This time, I treated myself to a 45 minute massage.  It was lovely!  Although, to be honest, some things she did hurt.  I was very relaxed and didn’t talk at all.  But as she worked on sore spots in my back, the logical part of my brain said to me, “This hurts!”  Of course, after you’ve had two natural childbirths, your pain scale is radically changed, so I was able to ignore it.  Besides, in a massage, you WANT the sore spots worked on – that’s the whole point!

And this afternoon, I decided to have an acupunture treatment.  It was nice to catch up with Eric, my acupuncturist, and update him on everything that had happened.  I was pleased to hear that my pulses were pretty strong and that I was actually in good shape from his perspective.  I know I need to exercise, but still, I was glad to hear that I’m doing quite well under the circumstances.

Best of all, I’m very proud of the fact that for the past 5 nights, maybe more (I’ve happily lost count!), I have been able to go to bed and fall asleep on my own without having to take any kind of natural sleep aid.  During the whole house-hunting process, I was very stressed out and couldn’t fall asleep on my own.  Ugh!  It was not easy.  However, the house has been found, and I’m becoming more at peace with the idea that THIS house is “it,” and I’m finally able to “lie down and sleep in peace.”  That is a blessing.

As the time to leave this place and move to our new home draws closer, I’m becoming more and more nostalgic.  I love it here, and I’m sad to leave.  But, I’m also looking forward to being at our new place and having this move behind us!  These next weeks of sorting, purging and packing (I will have to actually pack at some point) are going to be difficult, I know, but hopefully it will go well.  Thankfully, God has provided some natural aids to help me (and thereby helping my family) through this process.