fun in Kindergarten

Since I’m in the midst of a five-week teaching stint on Tuesday and Friday mornings, it has worked out that Jujubee is going to Kindergarten on those two mornings.  To say that she loves it would be an understatement.  She LOVES it!  She is so good (I wouldn’t let her go to school in this “extra” sort of way if I wasn’t reasonbly confident that she would be well-behaved), but in all actuality, she is REALLY, REALLY good.  According to her teacher, she has blended into the Kindergartener’s established routine seamlessly.  She plays well, shares well, and while she doesn’t know as many letters as the other kids, she is learning.

Proud Momma Story: The Kindergarten teacher did Beach Day not too long ago, and as part of that, the students had to fill out similie sheets.  Here’s hers, with her answers in bold.

I went to the beach today.
The sun was as hot as macaroni and cheese.
The sky was as blue as playdough.
The water was as cold as cheese.
I swam in the water just like a fish.
I played in the sand and built a sandcastle.
While I was digging in the sand, I found a rock.
I love to run on the beach like a seagull.
I had fun at the beach.

Next school year, Jujubee is going to be in the 4 year old Kindergarten program at our new church’s elementary school.  With her late September birthday, she won’t technically turn four until after the school year starts, but with the state of California’s odd rules, that won’t be a problem.  I’m sort of sad to have both of my kiddos in school, but after seeing how much she LOVES going to Kindergarten and how good she is at it and how she is already getting more independent in a good way, I am positive it is the right thing for her.  I believe that there are about 6 or 7 kids currently enrolled in her 4K class for next year.  I asked the principal if they will cap the class, and he said they will cap it at 12 kids.  That’s a good number.

She’s an amazing little girl, my Jujubee.  Last weekend, on Mother’s Day, I was telling a friend about Jujubee’s birth story, specifically how close we came to losing her as she was being born.  After she was born, I was worried that she’d have some amount of brain damage due to the lack of oxygen.  However, God is merciful, and not only did she enter this world alive, her brain is completely and fully functional.  In fact, the kid is brilliant.  I am SO incredibly thankful to have this little girl in our family.  We are ALL thankful for her.  I don’t know what we’d do without her!

So, even though I’d love for her to stay little forever, I’m so proud of how she’s growing up.  She’s doing just fine in Kindergarten now, and she’ll do just fine next year, too.


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