going, …

Still crazy busy and exhausted.  Still not sick, thank you Lord!  But I’m so mentally tired that I’m starting to goof up on important things, and things I need to remember are falling out of my head.  Hopefully this will go away once I’m more rested.

My parents arrive in a few hours.  I will hand the kitchen reins over to my mom and my dad and I will get to packing and cleaning.  It will be good to have a partner to work with.

We sign escrow papers on our house on Tuesday.  Then the house will be ours.  Woo-hoo!

We have two Sundays left at our church.  😦

My boss gave a farewell party for me last night.  It was nice to see my fellow teachers and see how much the kids had grown.  Frankly, it was quite terrifying.  I’ve decided my kids are not allowed to grow up like that, although I’m not sure they’ll listen to me.  My boss collected farewell greetings from many of the families I’ve taught over the years, and she compiled them together into a lovely book.  It was so sweet!  I feel loved.

I’m doing okay.  Thanks for your prayers.


By the way, if you want to contribute to an uplifting cause and do some good in a needy orphan’s life, check this out: