going, going, …

There is just SO much to do to get ready for a move!  I truly had no idea.

Thankfully my parents are here to help out.  I really appreciate it.

I still haven’t really started packing many things.  But, at the same time, when I travel, packing is always the very last thing I do.  I think it will be the same way this time.

My freezer is getting very close to empty!  I have the rest of the meals planned out for while my parents are here, and I suspect the freezer will be almost bare by the time they leave.  I’m down to one not-full freezer now; I used to have 3 freezers full of food!

My bladder infection is mostly better, but I’m worried it’s going to recur again.  Luckily, I was able to get another prescription for UTI antibiotics without having to see a doctor.  Can’t tell you how I did that 😉 , but it was a load off of my mind.

We had an impromptu party at our house after church on Sunday.  There were four of us, plus my parents, plus a family with four kids, plus three other people for a grand total of 15 people!  Luckily, the food stretched, and people were forgiving of the fact that I was serving them hot sandwiches on bread slices rather than buns.  It all worked out, everyone had plenty to eat, and there were even some leftovers!  It was like the feeding of the 5000.  🙂  Everyone stayed all afternoon long, so no naps were had, but young and old had a marvelous time.  Everyone stayed for supper, and we ordered four large pizzas (with our “buy one large, get another free” coupons).  It was SO much fun!  All the people who were here were our best friends from church, so it was like an unofficial farewell party for us.

Our official farewell party will be after church next Sunday.  I hope I make it through it without crying too much.

I had my last Music Together classes on Saturday, and my long-time class made me cry.  One of the families brought me a bouquet of flowers.  I got lots of hugs and good wishes.  I’d been with some of these families for almost two years!  I was the only MT teacher they knew!  So it was sad to say goodbye.  I told them that I hoped they would be as wonderful participatory and singing families with their new MT teachers as they had been with me.  🙂

We’re waiting for our escrow to close.  It was supposed to close back on Friday, but the mortgage people are keeping it open.  It’s a long story, but it should – hopefully, finally! – close tomorrow.  If it doesn’t, then we’re in trouble, as it won’t close until my husband actually technically begins his new job on June 16.  Say a prayer for us.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the first day in over a month with nothing officially on the schedule.  Well, except that the congregation president is coming over for supper before the church council meeting.  He does that every month, and this will be our last time.  So, I’m planning a special supper.  More freezer food will be used up!  A 4-pound boneless beef roast is going in the slow cooker tomorrow, I’ll make mashed potatoes, I have a butternut squash to use up, and the last of the blueberries along with a few raspberries will emerge from the freezer to become some kind of fruit cobbler dessert.  It’ll be good.  🙂

I’ll be glad when this is all behind me and I can finally settle into our new house, smaller though it may be.


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  1. I just told someone today that lunch on Sunday was like the Feeding of the 5000! Are we sisters or what?! 😉

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