finally closed.

Our escrow FINALLY closed today, one week after we signed the escrow papers.  Apparently, ever since the housing bubble burst, lenders are being super-finicky about making sure that people who are getting mortgages can afford to repay them.  They wanted piece-of-paperwork after piece-of-paperwork from us, sometimes requesting the same piece-of-paperwork more than once!  Sigh.  The lender didn’t really want to fund the loan until JJ started his new job.  Luckily, the underwriters were finally made to see reason, as it was explained to them by our mortgage broker that my husband IS currently employed, that he WILL have continuous employment with no gaps, and that we HAVE to be able to move to the new place so that my husband can BEGIN his new job which will thereby earn him the income to pay back the mortgage!  It was a pain.  But, finally, FINALLY, the loan is funded, the escrow has closed, and the house is ours.  🙂

We’re moving next week Thursday and Friday.  Thursday our worldly goods are getting packed up; Friday our wordly goods are being unloaded into our new house.  Hopefully this will all go well.  The fact that I hardly know what to say about this indicates what a completely new experience this is for me.  Wow!  It’s overwhelming, frankly.

There is so much to do between now and then, but we’re managing.  Hopefully, it will all come together in the end.  Either that, or we’ll have a lot of boxes of stuff to sort through at the new house!

Thankfully, my bladder is feeling a lot better.  I’ve been drinking an aloe juice/cranberry juice/water mix twice a day, and that seems to be really helping.  I’m also being more conscious of drinking more water.  All in all, my bladder feels a lot better, and I’m very thankful for that.

Oddly enough, I’m sleeping well at night, with no sleep aids needed.  I guess I must be tired.  It’s all so new that my mind isn’t even spinning when I go to bed.

Speaking of sleep, time to do that now.  🙂


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