almost there

We drove to Sacramento to get the keys to our new house last Friday.  We got into the house, and everything is all good.  Except for one odd thing: We have one key to the front door, but 7 keys to the side door — what’s up with that?

We also discovered a surprise in the backyard.  We knew there were trees back there, but we didn’t know what they were.  It turns out we have a mulberry bush gone wild – the thing has got to be 40-50 feet high, and it is COVERED with mulberries.  The berries taste fine (they’re mildly sweet, sort of like blackberries, but not quite as juicy), but they’re falling off the tree and coating the ground in purple juice.  My girls were running around in their new backyard, and their flip-flops and bare feet quickly became stained with purple juice.  Of course, we have lovely brand-new light colored carpets in our house.  😦  Now, I wanted a house with fruit trees, but a 50-foot mulberry “bush” was NOT what I had in mind!

Other than that, all is well at our new house.  The movers come to pack us up on Thursday, and our stuff gets moved into our new house on Friday.

My parents were supposed to leave today, but my father – bless him! – changed his ticket so that he can stay until Saturday.  Mom is heading home at noon today.  (It’s Tuesday morning here.)  My father has gotten SO much done, but there is still SO much to do.  As of this morning, I am starting to get really nervous.  How is this all going to work?

I’ve decided that moving is like getting hit with a tsunami.  The tsunami comes in, sweeps over you, moves all your stuff to a new place, drops everything into a heap, and then you have to sort everything out and make a new life for yourself.  I think that’s a pretty apt comparison, don’t you?

I taught my very last music classes yesterday afternoon.  I then packed up all of the stuff, took the stuff that belonged to my boss back to the main classroom location, and then drove to my boss’s house to give my keys back.  So sad!  I’m now officially unemployed.

Sunday was my husband’s last at our church.  You can read his farewell sermon here, if you’re so inclined.  The congregation had a nice potluck for us afterwards, and they gave us some lovely pictures of the sanctuary and a big gift card to Home Depot.  We’ll definitely put that to use!

Sunday evening, me, my parents, my friend AM, and two other ladies from our church drove down to Palo Alto to see the movie “My Fair Lady” on the big screen at the Stanford Theater.  That was a LOT of fun, and I’ve had songs from the musical stuck in my head ever since.  At least it’s good music to work to!

Well, must keep moving.  Because we’re moving!  Ha ha.  Wish me luck…


One thought on “almost there

  1. Yup, that sounds like a normal mulberry tree! You were planning to make jam this week with all of your extra time, right? 😉
    Congrats on your home ownership! Take the unpacking easy – you don’t need everything perfect right away. Just find what you need as you go, and put the rest away as you have the time; I found that to work best and be least stressful. If it takes a month or two, so be it!

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