sisterly bonds

(WordPress says that this post is my 800th post.  Wow.  That’s a lot of blogging!)

My two girls are truly becoming good friends.

They’ve had a lot of experiences together this summer that seem to have strengthened their sisterly bond.  Our move was a big one.  They often only had each other to play with, plus everything was so new and unfamiliar, so they bonded closer than they had been.  Now that they are finally sharing a bedroom on equal terms (meaning both of them in twin beds), it’s proved to be another bonding experience.  I sometimes see the girls looking at each other during bedtime prayers and making each other laugh.  I don’t approve of that timing, obviously, but I am glad to see them making each other smile.

They’ve started a new thing recently where if one of them has to go to the bathroom, she will ask the other one to go along to tell her a funny story while the first one is on the potty.  I don’t know how this got started, and the stories aren’t very funny to my adult sensibilities, but to the girls, those stories are hilarious!  Together they laugh and laugh.

They’ve watched a lot of classic Looney Tunes cartoons over the summer, and they can now recite some of the cartoons together.  They like that.

They are on much more equal terms then they’ve ever been so far in their lives, but these new equal terms mean that their fights are bigger, too.  Jujubee is still not quite four years old, and while she’s mature for her age, she still occasionally is unreasonable, as children her age can be.  She will want some thing that her sister has, and she won’t want to share it or take turns with it.  Then there is yelling and anger and cries of “MOM!” that requires my intervention.

Sometimes someone ends up in a time out.  Tears always ensue, but almost invariably, if Jujubee is in the timeout, she emerges from it ready to take turns and share again.  Lyd is usually the same way, too, although sometimes she will instead choose to do something on her own for a while.  And the girls do choose to play alone at times.  I know that alone time is good, and I’m glad they’re comfortable with being on their own, too.

But, so often when they’re together, they’re happy.  They’re looking out for each other.  If one gets hurt, the other one is quick to tell me.  If we’re in public, I can count on them to stay together.  Lyd is quite protective of her little sister, and Jujubee trusts Lyd completely.  They always have each other’s back.

When we were gone at WELStock, we left the girls with my parents.  It made us feel better to know that the girls would be together, and it did work out quite well.

It’s neat to see my girls’ relationship progress and grow.  I’m so thankful that they have each other.