first day of school for both girls

Today was Lyd’s first day of second grade and Jujubee’s first day of 4 year old Kindergarten (pre-K) at our new school.

Today was also my first day of being home alone all morning with an absolutely quiet house.

All in all, it went quite well.  No tears were shed by anyone.  In fact, no one – even me – came even close to tears.  Cute pictures were taken of cute girls wearing cute uniforms.  There was happiness and excitement.

I survived my first morning alone.  To celebrate, I spend half an hour house-hunting online for a friend, and then I deep cleaned my bathrooms, which badly needed it.  Then, I made a start at wading through the mass of papers (unpaid bills, paid bills, receipts, mailings, coupons, etc) that currently covers our card table which is currently our excuse for a dining room table.  That table is my goal for the week.  Then, it’s on to boxes.

I felt a bit melancholy, but I tried to keep busy, and that seemed to help.  Surprisingly, I wasn’t too distracted.  It felt to me like the silence was reminding me that it was now time for me to get something done.  So, for the most part, I did.

Jujubee was pretty tired out from the morning, but she had a good time.  They did some story with Clifford the Big Red Dog, and the kids all came home wearing big red Clifford ears.  Jujubee was very proud of them.  After lunch, I told her that now that she’s going to Kindergarten, she has to have rest time every afternoon.  It took her a bit, but she did fall asleep for a much-needed nap.

Lyd came home hot and tired as well, and with some homework (!), but with good reports of her new classroom and her new teacher.  She is the only new student in second grade, and she likes that.  However, she said that it was a bit distracting for her to have both first and second grade in the same room.  She had five grades in her room last year, but there were only seven students, so the teacher often worked with each class individually (and quietly) at a back table.  This year there’s only two grades in her classroom, but there are over 20 students.  I suspect Lyd’s new teacher teaches everything from the front of the room, and while she’s a very cheerful and friendly lady, she’s not a quiet lady.  So, hopefully Lyd will be able to concentrate enough that she won’t need to take all of her work home with her as homework.  Fingers crossed…

But, overall, everything went very well.  No one was late, I managed to get lunches and snacks packed on time, and we had a good first day of our new schedule.

Let’s hope we can all keep up the good work!