looking forward to a warmer climate

The process of moving has not particularly enjoyable, but I must say that I’m enjoying living in a warmer climate.  Summer days in the mid-90’s with a dry heat are perfect for my body.

The San Francisco Bay Area is unquestionably beautiful with a wonderful mild climate.  On an average day, one can expect to hit 60 degrees either as a high or as a low.  Obviously there are exceptional days, but on average, those are the kind of temperatures one can expect.  In winter, it rarely gets true storms, it even more rarely gets snow, and it gets freezing temperatures about once or twice a winter for a night or two.  In summer, it rarely gets true storms, it never gets rain, and it gets temperatures over 90 degrees only for a few days each summer.  It rarely has thunderstorms, and except for a few notable exceptions (knock on wood), the earthquakes are pretty minor.

But it does get cold on the Peninsula, cold and damp.  Being close to the ocean is pretty neat, but the damp air goes with that close proximity.  Apparently with my particular body type, I am more prone to feeling the cold than other people.  And I got cold!  For example, on a sunny 60 degrees outside, it would be typical for me to be wearing two pairs of yoga pants, shirt, sweatshirt, and hoodie, and two pairs of socks to feel just right.

In the past few months, when I tell people where I was moving to, they almost always said, “It’s going to be SOOO hot there!”  And I always replied, “Excellent!  I’m looking forward to it!”  Now that I’m here, I’m still enjoying it.  We have air conditioning in our new house, and we do have to use it, because the house would get just too hot otherwise, but we keep it set around 75 or 76 degrees, so that the house doesn’t get too cold.  And, it’s so nice to go outside and be warm.  I’m finally wearing shorts and short-sleeved shirts now!  And sandals!  It’s lovely.

In the Sunday Sacramento Bee (newspaper), there was a neat article talking about the lovely Delta Breeze that always cools the whole Sacramento area down in the evenings.  The author spent some of his growing up years in the town where we lived, and he also tried to live in San Francisco.  It’s interesting to read his story and realize that it’s a lot like my own.

It feels so good to live in a warm climate again.  It’s one of the best parts of our move.