a tooth extraction

Lyd’s had a baby tooth that has been loose for months.  It’s been on the top of her mouth, just to the left of her front teeth.  The grown-up tooth came in behind, but that baby tooth refused to let go.  It’s been very loose, so loose that I could even feel the bottom of the tooth, but even when I grabbed it by the top and bottom with a tweezers and really pulled, it still refused to come out.  It was hurting her, so much so that she wasn’t often eating on that side of her mouth.

Our new church has a dentist in the congregation.  He’s actually a prominent member, and I heard he gives discounts to church members, so I made an appointment for Lyd to see him.  That tooth needed to go!

The appointment was this afternoon after school.  Lyd did a great job and was really brave.  The assistant first numbed the area with a little topical gel, and she tried to give the tooth a bit of a tug, but, it refused to come out.  Plus, the area was still painful for Lyd.  So, the dentist came in, they numbed her with more topical gel, and when the dentist started talking about actually pulling out the tooth, I saw that Lyd was starting to get pretty scared.  I said, “Lyd, are you a little scared?” — and she burst into tears.  So, I sat on the chair next to her and held her hand. The dentist and his assistant were very kind and gentle and upfront with Lyd, but I noticed that they didn’t tell her that they were about to put a needle in her mouth.  The dentist was holding it down low, out of Lyd’s sight line, so I calmly suggested to Lyd that now was the time to close her eyes for a little bit.  Thankfully, she did.  I don’t think she realized that a doctor would ever put a needle into her mouth!  Of course, I don’t know if she would have known it even was a needle if she had seen it…  🙂

After a minute, when her mouth was good and numb, the dentist brought out a large silver extractor-thingie with a handle the size of a wrench, but a very small end.  One good tug from the dentist, and that tooth was out.  Lyd could hardly believe it was over, and since she was all numb, she never felt a thing.

For some reason, her tooth had been held on by some thick tissue.  It sure was thick, because once that tooth was out, it bled and bled, much more than I’ve ever seen a tooth bleed.  But, it was out, and that was the important thing.  I couldn’t believe how far the adult tooth underneath had already pushed through – it was almost completely done coming out, almost as much as her front top teeth!  There was absolutely no hole for her to run her tongue around in!

No surprise, it felt strange to Lyd to have her mouth numbed, but overall she did really well.  In the dentist’s waiting area, there were some handmade hair bows for sale, apparently made by the office manager.  So, I told her that she could pick out her gift from the tooth fairy for being such a brave girl.  She picked out two matching pink bows with cute sparkly pink buttons in the middle.

The dentist, the assistant, and I all told Lyd that she was a very brave girl, but she didn’t seem to want to hear that and got rather pouty when we complimented.  I guess that in the middle of the experience, those compliments were too much for.  But this evening after supper, as Lyd and Jujubee were doing their nightly playing out in the backyard courtesy of the Delta Breeze and the cooler temperatures, Jujubee poked her head back in the house to tell me, “Lyd was very brave today when the dentist pulled out her tooth!”  Lyd was standing right there, and she smiled proudly at her little sister’s compliment, and then happily raced off to run around some more.

So, apparently, it was a good experience.