my little singer

Little Jujubee, (oh, I’m sorry, Big Girl Jujubee – she corrects me if I call her a “little girl”), has become quite the singer lately.  She loves to play with her Disney princesses, making up stories about school and daily life (she has no idea of what the real stories of these princesses are – to her they’re just girls with pretty dresses about whom she and Lyd like to make up stories) and singing them at the top of her lungs.

At. The. Top. Of. Her. Lungs.

Oh, my, does she sing!  It’s not always in tune, and I’m not always sure what meter she’s singing in, but my, does she sing!  For half an hour at time!  JJ and I have exchanged amused glances many times as she sings; one of these times we’re going to have to make a video of her antics.  Sometimes we can tell what melody she is using, and sometimes she creates a melody of her own.  Sometimes she does both, seamlessly morphing from one melody into another as she switches from singing a specific song into telling whatever story she is playing out with her dolls.

It’s all quite entertaining.

Did I mention she goes on for long stretches of time.  Yeah, I know, I already did, but it’s unbelievable!  She sings and sings.

[as I smile approvingly] It’s pretty neat.  I’m proud of my girl.  🙂


One thought on “my little singer

  1. I’m chuckling cuz my Ashlee is doing the same kind of singing at this very moment! This time it’s a made-up song about whatever her dolls are doing. Usually she sings JESUS really really loud in the backyard. I’ve caught some of her lyrics about Jesus lives in me, Jesus is coming etc. It’s cute, I love it. I hope she will enjoy music as much as I do 🙂

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