four years old

My sweet baby Jujubee is now four years old.  It’s odd, because I’ve been thinking of her as four years old for quite some time now, so it doesn’t seem all that different for her to actually BE four years old.  She’s very happy to be four, however.  When she woke up this morning, I asked her if she felt different, and she said, “Yes!”  🙂

She’s really growing up.  I see so much more child behavior in her, as opposed to toddler behavior.  She asks good questions, using more complicated words, and you can tell she’s thinking her questions out.  She and Lyd are able to play on a more equal level than ever before, but they’re also able to fight on a more equal level, too.  However, they love each other more and more all of the time.  They’re still so happy to be sharing their bedroom together.  Tonight I heard them laughing together in their room after I’d put them to bed; there will be nights that I go in there and tell them to be quiet, but tonight I was happy to hear that they were happy together.

Jujubee is just our little sunshine.  She is still almost always happy and smiley, full of cheerfulness, hugs, and kisses.  And comfort.  Not too long ago, she saw me crying a bit.  She asked what was wrong, and I told her why I was sad.  She listened, came over and gave me a big hug and kiss, smiled up at me and said, “You have me!”

She is just my little joy in so many ways.  She is well-named.  🙂  She brings joy to all of us, as well as to her friends and teacher.  She still has quirks and she’s still a child (and many times she acts like it!), but she has such a good heart, such a love for other people, and she finds such delight in all aspects of life that she is an absolute pleasure to be with.

I have told her many times that she is a blessing to our family from God, as is her big sister.  Sometimes Jujubee will come up to me, wrap her arms around me and say, “I am your blessing from God.  And you’re never going to lose me.  You’re always going to take care of me.”  It’s heartwarming to hear her echo the things I say to her.  I have told her many times that she is a blessing to our family from God.  I reassure her that I’m never going to lose her (lose her in the sense of losing her in public or her getting lost – the girls know to stay close to me when we’re out in public so that they don’t get stolen).  And I have promised her many times to always take good care of her, including teaching her how to be a grown-up, which means I sometimes have to give her unpleasant consequences.  But, after some unpleasant consequence is over, we often talk about how this is part of how I care of her.  And, in her four-year old way, she understands that.

She is truly an amazing little girl.  I am incredibly blessed to have been given the chance to mother her these past four years.  I can’t wait to see how she continues to grow up – I know it’s going to continue to be wonderful!