a love story with obstacles!

I mentioned a while ago that I unpacked some favorite books.  One favorite book that I unpacked was The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough.  I first learned of this book when I saw it on my Grandma Violet’s small hall bookshelf.  I was a bookworm, so I picked it up, apparently found an interesting place, and started reading.  I don’t remember the first time I read it, but I know that at some point in my high school or college years, I bought my own copy at a used book store.  Although, perhaps I actually have my Grandma’s copy?  I actually don’t remember.

Anyway, I remember watching the TV miniseries of “The Thorn Birds” during summer vacation in high school as I babysat for our neighbor’s kids.  She had recorded the entire miniseries (on BETA tapes!!!), and she didn’t care if I watched it.  So, for better or for worse, while the kids took naps and/or the older girls played with Barbies, I watched this movie.  And LOVED it!

(This gal was also the one who broadened my musical horizons considerably.  She had an insane amount of CDs of all different musical genres, and she let me borrow whatever I wanted.  Two artists I specifically remember discovering through her were Queen and David Lanz, which are about as opposite of the musical spectrum as one can get!  I never did buy a Queen album, although I learned some songs, but I loved the David Lanz album “Return to the Heart” so much that I eventually bought it.  It’s still a favorite, and it is my “driving long distances” music; last summer when we drove to Arizona and then to Oregon, that CD came along with us on both trips.)

Anyway, back to The Thorn Birds.  🙂

So, during my teenage years, I discovered this movie and the book at more or less the same time, and I fell in love with them.  As time went on, every few years or so, I would pull out the book again for a few weeks, reread most of the book (always finding something new that I had missed the previous time – or had forgotten!), and debated about whether or not I should rent/buy the movie.  I never did.

When I pulled The Thorn Birds book out two weeks ago, I thoroughly enjoyed re-reading it.  I decided to give the movie another look, too.  I thought that perhaps it might be on YouTube, and it was!  So, I watched it on YT (if you’re interested in watching it, it starts here) up to the first half.   The rest of the movie is not uploaded to YT, but after watching that much I wanted to see it to the end.  So I went to the local used media store (it’s closer to my house than our new church is!) and found a used copy of the entire mini-series on DVD.  Score!

I am SO enjoying reading and watching this story again.  I know it’s more or less a melodramatic soap opera, but it’s great fun!  I thoroughly enjoy love stories with obstacles and sad endings, and that’s what “The Thorn Birds” is – a love story where the main couple faces nothing but obstacles.  In a good love story, the main couple is madly in love with each other, and yet, for whatever reason, they’re kept apart.  Oh!  I love those kinds of stories!

It’s ironic that I like these kinds of stories, because my own life is not anything like that.  I told my husband (who thinks it’s odd and humorous that I’m so into these kinds of stories) that if my own life WERE like these stories, I probably wouldn’t like them.  They would be too real.  But the fact is that my life is completely and blessedly normal; I live with a man I love and the man I live with loves me, we have kids and a mortgage and a job and a minivan – my life is so far removed from a tragic love story — THAT is why I love these kinds of stories so much!  🙂

This “Thorn Birds” kick will wear off sooner or later.  If you’ve got any good suggestions for another great love story, let me know!  🙂