a test of love

The other night, Lyd was giving Jujubee a “test,” which consisted of L asking J questions like these:

L: What’s your favorite color?
J: Purple.

L: What’s your second favorite color?
J: Yellow.

L: What’s your third favorite color?
J: Green.
L: I thought it was pink!
J: Oh, yeah, it’s pink.

The questions went on like this for a while, with L asking J what her first name was, her middle name, her last name, the rest of our names, our cat’s name.  Jujubee seriously answered all the questions.  But I was absolutely heartwarmed when I heard this one:

L: Who’s your best friend?
J: You.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Of course, Lyd had to continue with this question:

L: Who’s your best friend at school?
To which Jujubee responded by naming off every single child in her pre-K class.  Very cute!

I later asked Lyd who HER best friend was.  She immediately responded, “Jujubee,” and turned to give her a huge hug, which Jujubee happily returned.

I’m SO glad to see how my two girls love each other!