a quiet Christmas

We’ve been having a very quiet Christmas holiday.  The girls had school until Friday, Dec. 23, and they have the two weeks following Christmas off of school.  Since we don’t have family close by, and since we haven’t get developed relationships here with friends who will become like family, we had Christmas with just the four of us.

We opened up just a few presents on Christmas Eve, and we didn’t start opening the rest of the presents until Christmas Day afternoon.  Even then, we only opened up a few at a time.  The girls opened a few gifts and found stuff they wanted to play with, so we let them enjoy their gifts rather than forcing them to open up more Right Now.  It ended up that we didn’t finish opening presents until two days after Christmas!

We had a fellow pastor’s family over for supper on Wednesday evening, and we had another single friend over on Thursday evening, but other than that, we haven’t done any entertaining.

We’re hoping to drive two hours west to our old home near the City by the Bay on Tuesday.  It will be fun to see some of our friends there again.  🙂

It’s been nice to relax and just take it easy.  It would be nice to have people to get together with, too, but I’m sure there will be Christmases in the future where we have more people around.  For now, it was nice to have a quiet Christmas.


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