growing girls

Yesterday, Jujubee and I watched some videos of when she and Lyd were babies.  Lyd doesn’t really look at all like she did as a newborn anymore, obviously, and neither really does Jujubee, except for her eyes.

But as we watched videos of Baby Jujubee, four-year old Lyd was in many of the videos, too.  Jujubee is four years old now, and to be reminded of how Lyd was at that age was pretty striking.  Jujubee speaks now much the same way that Lyd spoke at four years old.  It’s neat to see the similarities.

After school today, Lyd and I were sitting on the couch as she shared with me some story from her day.  As she talked, I suddenly caught a glimpse in her face of the four year old girl she used to be.  She’s lost the baby look entirely, but she hasn’t lost her four year old look.  It was neat to see how much she’s grown and changed, if just for a moment.

Lyd is growing up so much, though.  She’s ridiculously tall and slim – and hungry!  She’s got a very healthy appetite, and she enjoys eating.  Jujubee likes to eat, too, but not quite to the same degree that Lyd does.  I’m sure that day will come.

It’s awe-inspiring and a bit sobering to watch these girls grow up.