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I’ve had another piece of big news that I’ve been sitting on for a while.

I got an article published in the WELS’ magazine “Forward in Christ.”  The article is called “Ashes in the Shape of a Cross: Reflections on Ash Wednesday.”

I didn’t know until the issue came out that my article was the cover article.  The cover article!!!  Wow!  Very cool.

My husband has encouraged me to write things for Forward in Christ for some time.  He has suggested that I put my years of honing my writing style via blogging to work for actual money.  This past November, I finally had an impetus to do it, so I did.  I’m not allowed to reprint my article here, but I can refer you to a blog post I wrote two years ago that contains many of the same thoughts that I put into the FIC article.  You can find an earlier version of my article here: Ash Wednesday Reflections.  I didn’t write the FIC article based on that blog post, but there are ideas in that post that I’ve held for a long time, and those ideas worked their way into the FIC article as well.  I wrote the article in a completely different style, but it seems to have been effective, as I’ve gotten nothing but high praise from people regarding my article.

Perhaps most interestingly, the editors at FIC have said that they would like to see more of my writing.  I feel very honored that they asked that of me.  I’m currently coming up with some more article ideas, some of which are also based on previous blog posts, that I hope FIC will be interested in publishing.

We’ll see what happens.  It’s quite a prospect, and I’m excited about it!


4 thoughts on “more big news

  1. I really enjoyed your article as well! I really hadn’t heard of that practice until you and your husband both had blog posts on it a few years ago.

    Hope you have more articles that are published!

  2. We finally got our copy, and D read your article first 🙂 (Yours is the only one I’ve read so far…) Keep up the good work!

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