love to the end

Jujubee was quite sick for a good couple of days, and then it took a long time for her to recover.  Thankfully, two weeks later, after a round of antibiotics and multiple breathing treatments, she seems to be fully recovered.  Whew!  Thank you, God!

When Jujubee was almost well, she and I were talking one night as I dried her off after her bath.  We must have been talking about her being sick and how she was feeling better, because then I told her how I got a bit scared when she was sick.  “Sometimes Momma gets scared that you’re going to die,” I said.

“But Momma,” Jujubee said, “If I die, then I go to heaven because I believe in Jesus.  And then you’d be happy!”

I said, “I would be happy about that, but I would miss you very much.  And Daddy would miss you, and your sister would miss you.”

“And Buggy would miss me,” Jujubee added.  (Buggy is our in-utero name for our upcoming baby.)

“Yes,” I said.  “We would be happy that you were in heaven, but we would miss you.”

Jujubee went on, “But then when you die, you’ll go to heaven, and we’ll be together!”

Our conversation went on like this for a bit longer, with me saying that I’d miss her if she was gone but I’d be happy she was in heaven, and with her telling me that I wouldn’t have to be sad, I could just be happy she was in heaven.

We got back to the bedroom that she shares with her sister, and I found Lyd crying on her bed.  “What’s wrong?” I asked.

Lyd sobbed, “I don’t want Jujubee to die.”

So, I gave her a big hug and said, “I don’t want her to die, either.  And I don’t want you to die!  But if you girls would die, I’m glad that we would be together again one day in heaven.”

We then talked about why we would go to heaven (because we believe in Jesus), and I again said that while I’d be happy to have my girls in heaven and while I certainly want them to be there someday, I would miss them if they went to heaven now.

All in all, it was wonderful to see Jujubee so confident in her faith, and it was wonderful to see how much Lyd loves her little sister.  Jujubee certainly loves Lyd, too.  Those girls continue to become better friends every day.  They are so excited to see each other at the end of the school day, and I often find Lyd reading a story to Jujubee in their bedroom.  They make up stories together, play games involving homemade letters and mailboxes, make art-related messes all over the dining room table and floor, dance around the house, create piano duets, and have no end to creative ways to play.  They sometimes fight, but they always love and protect each other to no end.

I’m blessed to have these two girls as my daughters, for sure, but sometimes I think that these girls are even more blessed to have each other.  They will hopefully be each other’s best and longest friend throughout their lives.  And they are such sweet girls!  It’s such a treat to be a mother my daughters.


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