catching up

I am slowly catching up on my life now that I’m well out of the first trimester of my pregnancy.

This first trimester experience was very different from that of my other two pregnancies, but it was still thoroughly overwhelming.  I may have only vomited once, but the intense food aversions were like nothing I had experienced before.  Perhaps I just forgot (time heals all wounds), but, well, let’s just say I’m glad that experience is over.

During that miserable time, I didn’t get much of anything done around the house except for the absolute basics.  Meals were somehow prepared, laundry was done, bills were paid, and my Saturday morning music class was taught.  Apart from that, not much happened in our house.

You can imagine that our house was looking pretty dingy after almost two months of neglect.  So, now that I’m feeling better and have some of my energy back, I’ve been trying to catch up with the house again.  Once I get completely caught up, there are plenty of long-standing projects that need to be done, and now that I have a due date looming in August, I have real impetus to get these projects done.

After we had our annual tax meeting with our accountant, I got our finances all in order.  Ever since then, and ever since realizing that we have less money to work with, I’ve been very good at tracking our expenses and maintaining order in our finances.  Finally!  After years of having this goal, I’m finally achieving it!  Apparently financial pressure is what I needed.  Sigh.

Now that the house is more orderly and clean, I’m being reminded that it’s quite pleasant to have a ordered and clean house.  Frankly, it’s … relaxing.  I’m enjoying that.

I’m also realizing that I need to be a better role model for my girls in cleaning up.  It’s not that I don’t tell them to clean up their messes, because I do.  However, I think I need to be alongside them, helping them clean up (even though I didn’t make the mess).  My presence not only helps keep them focused, but it also gives them an example of how to clean.  I know that many home projects seem overwhelming to me when I first face them, but once I get started, I realize that they’re not that bad.  I suspect my girls have the same feelings sometimes about their messes, and if I can work alongside them – despite it being a pain for me! – I think/hope they’ll eventually get better at doing it themselves.  I guess I feel that method is parenting by example as much as by command.  It’s easier for me to command, but the job rarely gets done well or quickly, so rather than blaming my kids, I think it might be better to see what I can change about my parenting so that I’m a better example.

I’m glad to be getting our family’s lives back in order, even though I know that all of this order is going to be turned upside-down again when the new baby arrives.  Oh, well.  I’ll keep this going for as long as I can.


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