a peek into my day: June 27, 2012

Since I’m experincing writer’s block on my blog these days, I’ll do another one of these:


Outside my window… We’ve been having perfect summer weather, with highs in the mid-80s, clear blue skies, no humidity.  If only it could stay like this all summer!

I am thinking… far too much.  I’m probably over-thinking.  It’s not my best quality.

I am thankful… for this lovely weather, especially at this stage of my pregnancy.  We had some hot days earlier in June, and man, were they HOT!

In the kitchen…  My kitchen is clean!  We’re having company over tonight, but I won’t have to cook too much for it, so hopefully it will stay clean all day.

I am wearing…  my pajamas.  My new pajama shirt is a large Packer t-shirt from KT.  My own t-shirts are now too small, and my husband’s t-shirts are still too big.  So, this shirt works well for bedtime.

I am creating… not much.  Just a new life within me.  😉 I’m trying to create a plan for how to attack this rummage sale that I’d like to have in a week and a half, and I’m not having much luck.  My brain works pretty slowly these days (henceforth the lack of posting on this blog).

I am going…  to take Jujubee to swimming lessons in an hour.  Then I have to go to the grocery store to get a few things for tonight’s supper.

I am wondering… how all the unknowns will resolve in my life (aka. over-thinking).  Sigh.

I am reading…  “The Midwife” by Jennifer Worth.  It’s a memoir of a midwife who worked in the slums of London in the 1950’s.  It’s not so much birth stories as it is stories of people’s lives.  It’s alternately funny and heartwarming and disturbing and heartbreaking and amazing.  Before that I read “Lady’s Hands, Lion’s Heart” by Carol Leonard.  It’s another memoir of a woman who became a midwife in New Hampshire in the 1970’s.  It’s full of birth stories interspersed with how NH became one of the leading states for midwifery standards.  It’s another fascinating and funny and heartwarming and disturbing and heartbreaking book.  I’ve enjoyed both books, even though they’re very different.  Both books are fairly recent publications, so I’m almost certain that both authors are still alive today.

I am hoping…  that my hip feels better today.  I injured it last weekend, but didn’t realize it was injured until Monday.  Yesterday it felt just awful.  I saw my midwife yesterday, and she massaged it a bit, which helped, and I saw my chiropractor yesterday, and he tried to stretch it out a bit although it was too inflamed to be adjusted.  Hopefully the pain will begin to subside today.  I *think* it’s a bit better today, although it’s still stiff and sore.

I am looking forward to…  friends coming over tonight.  Thanks to all the cleaning I did last weekend for the church choir party we hosted last weekend, the house is quite clean!  Time to have company over!  🙂

I am learning…  patience.  Always patience.  And learning not to say everything I think right away.  But I’m also learning that more often than not, I’m not alone in what I think.  But, I can always improve on how I say it.

Around the house…  Lyd is at her art class.  Jujubee is playing with toys on the floor, singing and making up stories.  Pepper the cat is sleeping somewhere after being outside all last night.  JJ is lying in bed, trying to shake the vague feeling of malaise that’s been hounding him the past few days.  I’m on the computer, pondering a shower before I take Jujubee to swimming lessons.

I am pondering…  whether or not I should take a simple job I’ve been offered at school.  Their day care runs all summer long, and they need someone to help out from 7am to 10am every day.  It wouldn’t be a lot of money, but it would essentially be just babysitting.  The biggest problem I see with the job is that I’m not much of a morning person these days, but it would be very easy work, and we could sure use the money.  Hmm.

A favorite quote for today…  “We have juice!  The joy of juice!” said by Jujubee last week at breakfast.  🙂

One of my favorite things…  envelopes in the mail that contain surprise money.  We’ve thankfully had a bunch of those lately.  One was a refund on overpayment on our mortgage escrow, one was a refund on overpayment of property taxes, also connected with our escrow.  One was a random AT&T refund check from over a year ago that they finally sent out.  One was from our medical insurance reimbursing us directly for services rendered for which we’d already paid the provider.  I hope another one surprises us soon.  🙂

A few plans for the rest of the week…  keep trying to get stuff together for the rummage sale.  We have to get rid of some stuff to make room for the new baby.

A peek into my day…  Uh oh.  Plans for the day may have changed.  My husband is showing signs of actually being sick after all…  😦  I hope nobody else gets what he seems to have, especially me!


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  1. Um, sweetie… That shirt was yours (or JJ’s) already. I just left it in the box after our Packer party [18 months ago]! 😛

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