down to the end

My pregnancy is winding down to its last few weeks, possibly days.  And, I seem to be going out in a blaze of glory, aka. a blaze of heat.  The weather forecast here in Sacramento for today is 104 degrees.  Tomorrow it’s 107, Friday it’s also 107, Saturday it’s 104, and I don’t think it is expected to get down to the 90s until sometime next week.  Oof dah.  It. Is. Hot.  Thank God for air conditioning!

Women who have had multiple pregnancies tend to say that “each pregnancy is different.”  Having now had three full-term pregnancies, I can say that is definitely true.  This last month is going very differerently than my first pregnancy, and it is vastly different than my second pregnancy.  With this point in my pregnancy with Jujubee, I had already had two false starts and was dilated to 4cm.  That is NOT the case this time around.  I’ve had no false starts, and I’m only dilated to about 1cm.  Unsurprisingly, I’ve also not had to deal with almost continuous contractions this time around like I did with Jujubee.  I certainly do get contractions, and physical activity and dehydration definitely make them more pronounced, but they’re not at all like they were the last time around.

My biggest complaint right now (other than being large and hot) is that I have pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel.  I really shouldn’t be typing on a computer at all, but I’m sitting here at day care with only one 5 year old boy to watch, and he’s happily engrossed in playing with trnasformers and dinosaurs and has forgotten that I’m even here, so a gal has to pass the time somehow.  😉  My hands feel tingly much of the time, sort of the feeling you get when your hand wakes up after going to sleep.  Except for me, it’s like my hand never quite wakes up all the way.  Thankfully, this should quickly resolve after the baby is born.

With the baby’s impending arrival becoming ever more … impending, it’s making more of an impression on JJ and me how much our lives are going to change when our little boy arrives.  Since we’ve been down this road before, we know what to expect.  But, having NOT been down that road for almost five years, it’s going to be a bit of a shock to our lifestyles to have a newborn around again.  We’re not worried or anything; it’s just going to be a big change.

But we’re all excited to meet the new baby, especially Lyd and Jujubee.  Those girls are SO excited for their new brother to be born!  Jujubee has despairingly said more than once in the past few days, “WHEN will the baby come out?”  Sometimes I feel the same way, although despite my size and uncomfortableness, I’m kind of hoping the Arrival Date holds off until my morning day care job expires, which happens when the new school year starts; I’d like to milk this day care job for all it’s worth (no pun intended ;)).  But, the baby will come when he’s ready.  JJ is just hoping that the trend continues of our children having birth dates that are also football scores.  LOL.  🙂

We have been unbelievably blessed with people from church handing down bags of boy clothes to us.  I literally have a pile of about ten garbage bags full of clothes in the nursery, ranging in size from newborn to about 3T.  That’s my project for today and tomorrow: separate out these clothes by size, and decide what clothes I’m going to keep.  I began going through one bag that was labeled 0-3 month clothes, and if I kept all of those clothes, I’d literally have enough clothes for triplets.  And that was just one bag!  So, I’m going to “shop” amongst the hand-me-down bags, keep what I like, and pass on the rest of the clothes to people who can use them.

I’m trying to keep busy getting things ready, although, as I mentioned, I can’t do too much because I get pretty tired pretty quickly.  And it’s hot.  And I have a bit of carpal tunnel.  And I have to drink a lot of fluids.  And eat frequently.  And I now get heartburn if I go too long without eating.  Sigh.  But, if I just focus on one thing at a time and work steadily (albeit slowly), I can get a few things done.  All the bills for August are paid.  I’m keeping up with our family’s laundry, even getting it folded and put away.  We have diapers and wipes for the baby.  Food is getting made (most of the time), although last night we decided we should go out for supper.  We tried a new Mexican restaurant for which we had a coupon, and it was FANTASTIC!  It was much better than the major chain Mexican restaurants (which there are plenty of around here).  It was a local non-chain place, and we’ll be going there again.  Anyway, the dishes get done most nights.  The girls’ school supplies are purchased.  I need to get them a few new uniform pieces for school, but most of those clothes they already have.  Some of their last year’s uniforms will still work for a while, as they haven’t quite grown out of them yet.

Best of all, everyone is staying healthy and sleeping well at night.  I even slept well last night, thanks to my chiropractic adjustment yesterday.  For the past few weeks, I’ve been seeing a chiro weekly who specializes in pregnant women.  It’s really helping my sore hips.  I sleep so much better – and my hips hardly hurt at all! – after a chiropractic adjustment!  I’ll keep on going every week until the baby’s born, and will probably continue for a few weeks afterwards to put my body back into shape after the birth.

So, we’re doing pretty well.  There’s a few things yet to finish up, but we’re mostly ready.  Now it’s just a waiting game…