a welcome distraction

In my first trimester of pregnancy, I was happily distracted from my early-pregnancy-sickness (aka. morning sickness, although mine was sort of all-day sickness) by the arrival of the PBS TV series “Downton Abbey” into my life.  It provided me a welcome distraction from my general ickies, and helped me get through a trying time.

Now I’m in the final weeks/days of my pregnancy.  I have been afflicted with pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel, which really limits how much I can/should type on a computer.  So this will be short.

But, I have found another welcome distraction.  I’ve discovered “The Hunger Games” book series.  Friends lent me the books, and I’ve sailed through books one and two, and am now trying to go a little slower through the final book, book three.  It’s happily engrossing, and since I can’t do much with my hands/fingers these days, reading a book is something I can still enjoy.  Of course, I can’t do much of anything with all the weight I’m lugging around these days, so sitting and reading is just about right for me.

My “adopted” sister AM came up for a suprise visit last weekend, and we even had the opportunity to take in the movie of “The Hunger Games” at our local budget cinema across the street from our church.  It was nice to get out.

Here’s hoping my new baby makes his appearance soon!