Christmas is for kids

Last week, I took Jujubee to the mall to run some errands with me.  The staff in the mall were putting the final touches on their Christmas decorations, and Jujubee was very impressed.  We had to ride the glass elevator a few times (because I couldn’t find the store I was looking for!), and the elevator is located next to the big Christmas tree where Santa will be posing for pictures with children.  Jujubee LOVED the view from that elevator!  She couldn’t get over the big tree and all the lights.

As we went to different stores, Jujubee noticed smaller decorations, too, like pointsettias in pots and little garlands and lights in various store windows.  When we were done with our errands, I took her into the Macy’s Christmas store for a treat.  We looked at all the different trees, and I showed her how to gently touch the various ornaments.  We talked about “rough” and “smooth” and “soft,” and I was impressed with how gently she handled the ornaments.  We admired various trees, and we talked about which trees we liked best and why.  She’s getting so grown up; our conversations are getting more “real” all the time.

When we left, she asked to see the big tree one more time.  Since that was on our way out of the mall, I quickly agreed.  She continued to be impressed by the tall tree full of lights and colors, and later at home, she told her Daddy about what she’d seen at the mall.

I’ve been thinking about getting the house all decorated for Christmas.  I love the results, but I’ve been rather dreading all the work of putting everything up.  However, seeing the delight in Jujubee’s eyes as she saw all the Christmas decorations at the mall reminded me that Christmas is for kids.  I know, I know, I’m a pastor’s wife, and I definitely know that Christmas is about Jesus.  BUT, Christmas could just as easily be celebrated with simpler decorations, like at Eastertime.  Yet, it’s the tree and the lights and the candles and the wrapped gifts and the special treats that add a special, unique dimension to Christmas that makes such an impression on kids.

So, seeing my daughter’s unhindered delight in Christmas decorations has given me the boost I needed to be willing to get our house decorated for Christmas.  The tree is scheduled to arrive, friends are coming over to help with the tree decorating, Christmas music will be playing, and I have plans to make Christmas treats.  We’re going to have a lot of fun with Christmas in our house, and I know my girls are going to love it!  And I’m so happy have re-discovered my excitement for Christmas!