Sarah Palin

Ahh, Sarah Palin.  Such a short time (most of) America has known about her, but what a difference she’s already made!  I think she was a great choice for all the good conservative reasons, but there is one thing I wonder about.  She’s got a four month old special-needs child.  She’s the only mother that child will ever have.  By running for VP, is she putting that baby’s needs second to that of the campaign?  I know, I know, if she were a man, no one would ever ask this of her.  So maybe I’m a little sexist.  But I think about how much energy and effort I have put in to bond and attach with both of my daughters, and while I know that’s partially my personality, I wonder if a woman can effectively do bond and attach with their child while running for major office.  I’m not looking at this from a theological standpoint or anything, but purely from the view of the mother-child relationship.  One of the blogs that I read talked about this topic similarly here.

Personally, I don’t know if I’d be able to put my child second to my career in such a fashion as this.  I suppose one could make the argument that anytime I leave my children with a babysitter while I go off to teach my music classes, I am putting my kids second to my career for those few hours.  But, I do NOT think the scenarios are the same, and I know for a fact that I am a better mother for having gotten out of the house for a few hours and connected with other moms.  But we’re not talking about a 10 hours a week job.  We’re talking Vice President of the United States.  And if I were in her shoes, I just don’t know if I could allow myself to be not part of my child’s life in that way.

BUT, I’m not in her shoes.  Sarah Palin certainly seems to have a lot more energy than I do, and it seems that she is integrating her children into her life quite well.  I found this article that certainly paints that picture.  And it seems that she (or someone!) is setting a good mothering example for the kids to follow.  Did you watch Palin’s speech?  And if you did, did you notice this clip of Piper “fixing” her baby brother’s hair?  SO CUTE!

What about the whole Bristol Palin being preggers at 17?  Should this reflect on Sarah Palin?  Absolutely not.  I don’t think it has anything to do with her being a VP.  And if you say it reflects on her mothering skills, well NOW you’re on dangerous ground.  Because there’s a lot of people out there who have been in Bristol’s shoes; some got pregnant and some didn’t.  And a lot of those people had good mothers.  But people have lapses in judgement, people have hormones, and people sometimes know what the right thing is and still do the wrong thing.  That’s life.  I think everyone should lay off of Bristol Palin, and leave her alone.

All things considered, I am very pleased with McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin for VP.  She’s a true conservative, staunchly pro-life, and I think she would turn Washington on it’s head.  Hopefully she might inspire other Republicans to start acting like true conservatives, too.  Plus, I think selecting Palin made a huge difference in the excitement level of the Republican ticket, a ticket about which few people were excited before.  And, honestly, anything that gives Obama a bigger chance of NOT getting voted into office is a good thing.

JJ found this website with lots of funny McCain/Palin t-shirts, bumper stickers, pins, etc.  My favorites are:

And, this one.  Because it made JJ and I laugh the hardest.

Oh!  Must also mention the anti-Obama ones that I liked, too

Finally, I since this is a political post, I just want to mention that I thought McCain’s speech the other night, while not delivered perfectly and while he’s not a great orator, was heartfelt.  Despite some of my differences with McCain politically, I now believe that he truly wants to serve our country, that he absolutely means well, and that he will honestly try to do the best he can if he’s elected.  He’s not in this for himself; he truly is a public servant.  And it’s someone with that kind of attitude for whom I can whole-heartedly vote, even if we don’t agree on quite everything.

So, politics — yay!