head spinning

I’m beginning to realize that I’m not going to be blogging as often in the next few months, as there is SO much to do between now and June!

Of course, as Murphy’s Law would have it, Jujubee got pneumonia again last week.  She’s better now, but just as she was improving, Lyd got sick.  She stayed home from school two days.  And just as Lyd is feeling better, now my husband is feeling sick.  Argh!

But, despite the illnesses, I managed to get all the necessary paperwork together to fax to our lender to get pre-approval for our mortgage.  It was *only* a 36-page fax!  But we are now pre-approved, so we can start house-hunting in earnest now that we have a price range for what we can afford.  I’ve looked online a LOT over the past month, and I think I’m now pretty familiar with all of the houses for sale in the area where we’d like to buy.  We’d like to buy near the church/school, but unfortunately I’m not hugely impressed with what I see yet.  The neighborhood is fine and all, and every house has a few things I love.  But every house also has a few things that are a definite “no.”  Besides having a certain number of bedrooms and bathrooms that I’d like and a certain square footage I’m aiming for, I also would like a non-postage-stamp-sized lot so that I can have a garden and raise a few fruit trees, I have a certain layout of kitchen that I would like, and I don’t want a pool.  Those criteria shrink the pool of available houses considerably.

However, there are a number of foreclosed and bank-owned homes in that area that I don’t have many details on.  I hope that when we get a chance to drive out there and look at houses with our realtor, we can get into some of those homes.  I’m hoping one of them will prove to be The One.

The situation in Japan still has me jittery as well.  I just can’t read or think about it too much.  I was talking to a friend on the phone last night, and she wondered if part of my anxiety about these things is that I’m picturing what it would be like for me and my children under those circumstances.  I think that she may be on to something.  I literally cannot imagine what those poor Japanese people are going through.  The families!  The mothers!  The little children!  Oh, it’s just awful.  Come quickly, Lord, and take your people home to heaven.  I’ve been praying that prayer a lot lately.

And, hey, if Jesus comes back soon, I might not have to pack!  It’s not that I don’t want to move to our new church, it’s more that I’m not looking forward to the transition/moving process.  It’ll be good once we get there, but right now … Ugh.  So I would be perfectly content to have Jesus come back very soon.

I told my friend last night, “I just don’t see how this move is going to happen.  It’s not that I don’t believe that it will happen, because I do.  But you know how you have some situation and you say, ‘Oh, yes, I see how that would work.’  I’m the opposite; I don’t *see* how this will work.”  That’s where I am.  It’s a bit overwhelming.

But my biggest concern right now is finding the right house for us.  I am praying that a house goes on the market soon that will be just perfect for our family.  Right now I am not convinced that the perfect house is out there.  And, buying a house is a BIG DEAL — I’d like to find the perfect house!  I’d like to get it right the first time, because I definitely don’t want to have to go through this moving process any more often than necessary!