fall colors at Christmas

One of the differences between Northern CA and Wisconsin is how the trees change their colors and shed their leaves in autumn.  In Wisconsin, leaves start changing color in September and October, and most leaves are off the trees by November.  In Northern CA, most of the trees do not change color, but some do, mostly trees that are not native to the area.  Those trees don’t start changing color until at least October, and the leaves tend to linger on the trees in a colorful state for quite a while.

This makes for some situations that to a native Wisconsinite are rather odd, such as this: it’s odd to see Christmas lights decorating trees that have fall colored leaves on them.  And it’s odd to drive around during the day and notice the colorful leaves still on the trees — and realize that it’s the middle of December.  Last year, I remember noticing fall colors in January!

Just one of the weird quirks about living here.

But lately the weather’s been lovely, so I don’t complain. 🙂